Sexual Deviant

Sexual Deviant

You've stumbled upon the inner workings of a sexual deviant with sociopathic tendencies. I have sex for money, power and the joy of manipulation.Take an honest look at the world through my eyes.

Two dates one weekend

I had two date this weekend for the sheer fun of it and I have to say, they served their purpose nicely.

Some bald attorney took me to lunch with a view

Some short (adorable) director took me to the nicest oyster house in the city

They both showed me a nice time and took my mind off the stress my family is placing on me this week.

When my Daddy Issues rear their ugly head I start to date (and fuck) an outrageous number of men.

But I would rather stress date than stress eat because I’m obsessed with not being fat

This is my exact body type

This WAS my exact body type. I just got a boob job so now I’m a perky little C and I love it

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This is my exact body type

This WAS my exact body type. I just got a boob job so now I’m a perky little C and I love it

Fine, I exercise too much and I talk like this ^ I’m a little eating-disordery. There, I said it. 
My bestie in the text exchange, and yeah, we enable the shit out of each other in more ways than one.

Fine, I exercise too much and I talk like this ^ I’m a little eating-disordery. There, I said it.
My bestie in the text exchange, and yeah, we enable the shit out of each other in more ways than one.

Payment Options for sex workers

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1. +Cash

2. + Visa Gift Cards

3. Specific store gift cards

4. Direct Deposit

5. + Paypal

6. + Square Cash

7. +Paying you bills directly

8. + Having your own bank account under his name

9. Western Union

10. Venmo

+ means options that I have used

and like will seize funds if they know what you’re up to.
I only reccomend them for sugaring.

Not sure if you’re in the US or not but, yeah- duh, sex work is illegal. ANY of the sources listed will take your money and report you if they find out what you’re doing.

Be smart or get caught. It’s part of the risk and the reason sex workers are paid so much.

Dear fucked up family,

First and foremost, I hate you. I am done pretending that I give any sort of fuck about you. You are nothing to me but a source of pain, guilt and burden.

I don’t want anything to do with you for as long as I live. You have done unspeakably abusive things to me for as long as I can remember.

I am glad that I am finally old enough and wise enough to realize I don’t have to sit back and take your abuse any longer.

You are uneducated, backwoods, hillbilly trash and I am better than you.

The reason I am better than you is not related to what I have vs what you have. The reasons are intangible.

I am better than you because I can rise above the hate. I can rationalize. I can show kindness and caring. I can love myself.

You are stunted. You cannot do anything but tear those around you down and push everyone away.

You will end up alone if you cannot learn to communicate like adults.

I have given up on you. You’re an utter disappointment.

It doesn’t matter what you’ve done for me over the years. You’ve cause more damage than growth.

Because of your lack of support, love and care I have a controversial world view. I have become a sociopath and my ability to love others is stunted.

The difference between us is that I can contain my behaviors, you lash out at anything and everything in your way.

I’m done with you forever.

(The letters I’ll never send)

"Hi! I read that you exercise 8/10 hours a week. What kind of workouts do you do? At home/gym? Thanks for your answer, have a great day!"

Asked by Anonymous

I practice yoga first thing in the morning
I ride my bike to/from work every day
I see my personal trainer 3x week for weight training
On the weekends my best friends and I formed a running group so we do that together

Plus, I’m almost always signed up for lessons/classes of some sort from swimming, dance, pole dance, conditioning etc.

I’ve been an athlete my whole life so my body can handle this level of work but if you’re new or newer to fitness pace yourself and consult a professional trainer.

How to ace a first date

1. Dress for the occasion- if you are having coffee don’t show up dress for dinner and vice versa. You’ll appear high maintenance if you’re over dressed and less than desirable if you’re under dressed

2. Be polished- don’t just shit, shower and shave! Pay attention to all the details including nails, brows, skin, teeth, accessories, brands, colors, smell etc

3. Don’t send a bunch of text- “excited to see you!” “leaving now!” “I forgot my purse, be there in 5” “oh it’s closer than I thought!” “I’m sitting in the back by the bar” “are you close?” ect. If you’ve established a time and place then just meet without all these exchanges (exeption: if you’re running late)

4. Don’t talk too much about yourself- while its natural for you to want to get to know another, do so by answering his questions directly instead of giving him the entire back story. Talk more about your interests and opinions on worldly topics or mutual interests rather then mundane matters like what you did that day

5. Give a mid-date break- I shouldn’t need to say it because its so obvious but DON’T check your phone while you’re together. At some point excuse yourself to use the restroom for two reasons 1. So he can watch you walk away and check you out 2. So you can both check your phones

6. Have an opinion- if he asks you what you want to do or where to go have an opinion. The most annoying thing in the world is the “I don’t care, whatever you want” girl

7. Offer to split the check- 9/10 he will not let you pay, but the gesture is sweet

8. Use please and thank yous - be ever so grateful for everything he did to make the night special. Even if he took you to ice cream and you hate ice cream, still thank him for this planning

9. Don’t sleep with him- duh

10. Tell him you want to see him again- As the date is coming to an end suggest that you would love to see him again so he knows you’re into him. Sometimes guys don’t always pick up on if you had fun so you have to tell them.

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money can’t buy happiness but it can buy a false sense of security and fruity alcoholic beverages to numb the pain and honestly what’s the difference

Not to mention meaningless sex for money, yay!

Afternoon POT because it’s beautiful out and I feel like lunch with a view

"some fun things to do when you've got nothing planned for a weekend(evening)? :)) ♡"

Asked by calorie-counting-

I work full time plus a few volunteer opportunities, keeping up with my social life, my boyfriend and sugaring/escorting so when I have a free weekend evening I’m pretty much really excited to smoke a bowl, eat cereal and watch netflix in my ugly grey sweats while texting my best friends about random shit and browsing the interwebs.

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"Is your boyfriend allowed to sleep with other people or does he not know about the sugaring?"

Asked by Anonymous

He is allowed to do whatever he wants and he doesn’t know I sugar but he does know I’m allowed to do whatever I want. This rule will change when we live together starting in a few months.

We have a strict don’t ask don’t tell policy while we are long distance.

We have been together for 11 years and in an open relationship 2-3 times— usually for a couple months at a time.

I guess we are a form of modern swingers

My birthday; a black tie affair.

My birthday was coming up and I hadn’t talked to the sexy physician in almost two weeks. I text him asking for him to give me a reason to wear an evening gown and you know what? He actually did.

He wore a tailored suite/ tie and I wore a slim black gown. He took me to a fund raising event. He looked dazzling and I was in awe not only by his appearance but his kindness.

He was friendly and gentlemanly by offering his arm as he escorted me through the event hall, but he didn’t make a move…. Yet

We socialized and enjoyed the evening. It felt like we were a couple. A few people at our table commented on how nice we looked together. He is in his mid thirties and looks young so it’s not uncomfortable for us to be seen in public together.

When the event came to an end he asked if there was anywhere else I would like to go for the evening. We saw a cozy cocktail lounge around the corner from the event center and popped in for a more intimate drink.

Up until that moment we had been socializing with others so we didn’t discuss anything of substance including the long gap of silence between our last communication (Note: He reached out to me last, twice, and I didn’t respond).

Over time I’ve learned that he likes the modest/shy/innocent girl type so I’ve been catering my behaviors to his natural interest in order to keep my place in his eyes. As we talked I kept up that facade.

We settled in to the booth and he genuinely asked how I am and how I’ve been. It was sweet.

I asked him if he wanted to know a secret and he said sure. I whispered “it’s my birthday” as I looked into my drink.

He said, WHAT! Why didn’t you tell me? Are you serious?

I told him it’s true, I don’t like to make a fuss over my birthday and I didn’t want to put pressure on him.

He just took my hand and literally said “you should have told me, I should have made this night special, I should have adorned you with gifts”

I just laughed and said that he did make it special and all I wanted was his time. He went on to say that he was honored to have been the one to spend my birthday with me.

The waitress came and ID’d me, while I had my ID out I just showed him so he knew I wasn’t lying about my birthday. Whenever I get a chance to prove my truths I do, it makes me seem trustworthy.

We talked about relationships a bit and a few noteworthy sentiments were exchanged.

I asked when he last had a girlfriend and he said two years ago.TWO YEARS. Being single for TWO YEARS seems like an eternity to me. I can’t even imagine.

I asked if he’s ever dated anyone my age and he said no. He said he typically dates woman older than he is by a few years. That dating a “baby” (said endearingly) was completely different and he likes it.

I asked if he’s promiscuous (knowing that he is not because he is slightly religious) and he said of course not— that he likes to have sex mean something. To that I responded “so what does it mean when you have sex with me?”

At that moment the waitress came and he never answered.

I told him I’ve only had sex with two other men besides himself because I know he values wholesomeness and innocence.

I told him I always look at his face when he cums because is special to me.

We closed the tab and I said with a coy smile “let’s go home and make out” essentially inviting myself over.

We walked through the city lights to find our way back to his place and we held hands for the first time that night.

All the sudden he leans in and gives me a deep, passionate kiss and I reciprocate.

It was beautiful and for a moment I felt like it was a shame that it’s all built on a lie and it will never be.

Sometimes I wonder how it comes so easily for me to ingratiate myself so deeply with men. I most definitely did not deserve to be taken to such a lovely event. I have bold face lied, manipulated and twisted him into giving me almost anything I want. I don’t know how to explain how these men fall for me.

We made it to his place and the building was completely dark. The neighbor comes out and to say the power on the entire block is out. She also introduced herself as if I were his girlfriend. It was cute.

He lit candles all over the house and I know it wasn’t the intension, but it felt romantic and intimate.

I got into my underwear and laid under the covers in his bed. A few moments later he entered the room in his dress shirt, vest and tie. Swoon.

I knelt at the edge of the bed and he came over to me dressed like a prince. I kissed him passionately while on my knees. I unbuttoned his shirt and slipped off his tie. It felt erotic.

Eventually we undressed each other and had sweet, passionate sex.

At one point I asked what was wrong and he said “I’m just reading you”— I’m not sure what the meant.

While we were doing it I told him I was scared because he wasn’t wearing a condom and he said it would be alright. I was nervous and not focused so I probably looked concerned. I was too worried to orgasm. (Eventually he did put on a condom)

When it was over we both fell asleep with his sweet dog in the middle. If felt good. It felt close to real. In the morning he offered to make me breakfast but I declined and went home. We haven’t spoke since that night except for a quick hello in the coffee line at work. We were both with colleagues so it was a very, very brief hello.

Sex is my drug of choice.

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