Sexual Deviant

Sexual Deviant

You've stumbled upon the inner workings of a sexual deviant with sociopathic tendencies. I'm not afraid to use my sexuality to get ahead. Want to learn how? Follow my journey.

  • Bestie: I just read your text to Rachel and she's like "omg I need to hang out with this girl"
  • Me: well does she know I'm a snob? You might want to tell her
  • Bestie: yeah, she is too
  • Me: ok good

I just reactived my kik

If you want to chat message me and I’ll give it out if you’re normal and not an old dude or 13 year old girl

Things that are currently in my bedside table drawer

Massage Oil
Sex Sponges
Party poppers
Dobbers for bingo
My checkbook
A wad of cash
My ho phone

  • Friend: did you just make a chocolate milkshake for lunch?
  • Me: my period made me do it!

"Were you always so passionate about your career? I'm a high school senior and I've researched colleges so intensively to find the perfect academic fit. I spend a lot of time thinking about how to get the most out of my education and career plans. And no one else has the same drive or thought process. I know it's a good thing but it does make me feel weird."

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I have always been incredibly passionate about success, achievement, status and money.

In high school I was in leadership, student counsel, dean’s list, cheerleading and I had several volunteer opportunities in the community.

I got into an Ivy League university and did research and acted as a teaching assistant in conjunction with working full time and majoring in very complete science subjects.

I got my master’s at another prestigious university and continued to feverishly network.

I am now 25 and in in health care management transitioning to business technology management.

By the time I’m 35 I want to run a corporation and live like my SDs live but without them.

I have 4 best friends that are my age and they are just barely getting their shit together.

It annoys me to death!

I have made friends with my SDs of course, mentors, and older woman in my career. These like minded people keep me moving forward.

I feel you about the alone feeling, but when I look at my life vs my friends I know I am so much happier then they are.

Not because of money, but because I’m seeing my dreams come true and they are still living off their parents.

My resume is a slut

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I paid a professional career specialist to write my resume

Then my SD looked it over and polished it

Then a POT looked it over and polished it

Then my mentor looked it over and polished it

I looks so amazing I love having high profile connections

Wow my SD just sent me the figures for hiring him for career counseling and mentorship.

He charges $10k to do a company workshop at $1,500 for an individual meeting.

I found a golden ticket in this guy! He’s going to make me a millionaire by the time I’m 35.

Corporate world, here I come!

Introducing, Mickey Blue Eyes

Or, Micky for short. He is the man from the “creating opportunities” post that I met at the business event I attended last week. We had a great time and He’s already asked me out again.

We met at a darling little lounge in the heart of the city.

Typically I order a town car to go on dates downtown, but I was coming from another engagement so I had to drive.

Of course parking downtown is an utter nightmare and it was a Saturday night so I was just expecting to have to pay upwards of $40 to park, or drive around in circles for hours to find a place on the street.

It must have been my lucky day because right away I found a gorgeous spot with my name on it! This omen set the tone for the night.

He texted me to say he was running a few minutes late and I grabbed us a cozy table by patio fire place and ordered a glass of sparkling rosé.

He arrived and looked as handsome as I had remembered. He wore a well tailored sports jacket and designer jeans and glasses. He looked hot. Very hot.

We had 2 drinks (he had 3) and talked and laughed for about 3 hours.

He said I have a gorgeous smile “and everything else” according to him, including my “sexy hair”. That was sweet.

I was tipsy and wanted to kiss him a little but most definitely did not do it. I don’t like to do anything physical until I know if I can get money, experiences, gifts or professional advancement out if him.

We spoke about the general concept of escorting and I asked him point blank if he’s ever been with as escort. He said “no, I don’t think I could. It wouldn’t feel right”.

I’m not sure if I believe him, there’s no denying that he’s literally over 20 years older then me. What does he really think he’s doing with a 20 something?

In any event I’ll keep you all posted on how things play out.

All we ever to is say goodbye

Just when I had you off my head
Your voice comes thrashing wildly through my quiet bed
You say you wanna try again
But I’ve tried everything but giving in
Why you wanna break my heart again
Why am I gonna let you try
When all we ever do is say goodbye

  • Me: remember that time he liked my tweet? He basically wants me

How to ask for his number

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If you meet a person that you are interested in getting to know and he asks you for his number I always suggest asking for HIS number instead of giving away yours. This takes away from that dreading, nail biting, waiting-by-the-phone anxiety and puts you in the power position as a confident lady.

"How would you answer a man that asks for your number? In a way that makes him understand that you're not easy or that you don't give it to just anybody"

Asked by Anonymous

I wrote a post on this and will reblog! In regards to him thinking you’re “easy”

Try to push that thought out of your mind. Being a confident is sexy and asking for his contact information is flattering.

If he correlates that with being “easy” then he probably is not the type you want to go after

How to meet people in real life

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For the introverts —
Organized activities that require you to talk to each other

1. Community sports league or lessons
2. Running/Fitness groups or lessons
3. Art class
4. Community college classes
5. Professional workshops/trainings
6. Part Time job in the service industry
7. Volunteer…

"You become what you surround yourself with. I decided to surround myself with success."

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Allison, Sugarbaby from CNN documentary (via medschoolsugar)

When you have tons of sex work money

And your friends have no money to join you shopping or out at swanky places

Creating Opportunities

My SD got me into an invite only event for professionals that have started their own businesses

The event included a panel of very successful men and woman talking about their route to success and wealth

My SD wasn’t present, he just got my name on the list

I met a few men and woman there and grew my professional network tremendously!

I currently work in health care management and I am working to transition into business management with special interest in technology development

Tonight I am going out with an executive business owner and here’s how I got there.

I arrived to the event dressed in a trendy business casual outfit with everything about myself polished. Hair, make up, teeth, nails, scent, every last detail.

The building was filled with 80% men and everyone was 10 years my senior.

That didn’t phase me, I couldn’t let it.

I walked in smiling, poise and confident. Shook hands and introduced myself and people were interested in speaking with me.

I spotted the most attractive man in the room and sat near him and didn’t say anything, just smiled.

He smiled back and we made small talk about the weather. He said he hoped he wouldn’t forget his umbrella and I said I would make sure he remembers.

The talk began and I engaged with the panel by asking questions and taking notes.

When the talk was over the man I targeted came up to me and asked my name and what I do, etc.

He offered me his business card and I left with a smile and said “don’t forget your umbrella”.

He wasn’t ready to be do engaging with me, but you have to leave them wanting to know more.

I chatted with a few others and finally left.

I went to go get some lunch around the corner and I sent him over an email thanking him for his business card and time and hoped he could connect further.

Wrote back right away and said he actually had to go back for his umbrella. We shared a laugh and I mentioned I was having lunch down the street.

He offered to pick me up and take me to coffee in about an hour. I agreed and soon he arrived and whisked me away on an afternoon date.

We talked again about our careers and a little about life.

I cut it short again and denied his ride home. I took public transport.

He later messaged me asking me on a “proper” date this weekend and now we are going to a swanky new lounge downtown.

My life seriously rules.