Sexual Deviant

Sexual Deviant

You've stumbled upon the inner workings of a sexual deviant with sociopathic tendencies. I have sex for money, power and the joy of manipulation.Take an honest look at the world through my eyes.

Reasons we’re besties

Reasons we’re besties

How to fight dirty

1. Remain calm, cool and collected. Speak evenly and intelligently.

2. Develop a mind set that you’re so much better/more informed/more intelligent then the person that you’re in disagreement with

3. Consider the deepest most painful issues that exist in their life. Childhood abuse? Cheating ex? Struggle to do well in school? Use it as ammo to wear them down to an emotionally fragile state.

4. When making your points in the argument use manipulative tactics by TELLING them that they are nothing.

5. Make it clear that you pity them for being so XYZ and after you say your last zinger do not dignify them with a response. Your silence will be the final cut leaving their imagination to go wild.


"The fact that you chose not to tell me the truth is not a surprise. You have always had issues with being a trust worthy person. It’s no wonder your ex cheated on you. Look at you! You are nothing but a childish liar. I thought highly of you for a time. I really did, but now I just feel bad that you can’t see beyond yourself. You’re pitiful and pathetic. I hope you find the help you need."

"this may be a little too personal but when you are with a client is your only priority their orgasm or pleasure? like are you not allowed to make them do things for your pleasure or do you orgasm during? im just curious about the nature of your work"

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As a sex worker, men pay me to emulate their fantasies. In providing this service my priority is to learn what my clients want, and to surpass their expectations, without doing anything I’m not comfortable with.

Telling my clients to do things for my enjoyment is one of the ways I get them off. The majority of men love seeing a woman cum. Acting like I’m horny and telling them to touch me in a certain way, or fuck me in a certain position is all a part of the act. A simple, “don’t fucking stop” or, “make me cum all over your cock” works wonders.

I never derive any pleasure from this, though. (I have plenty of friends who cum while they’re working, so this doesn’t apply to every sex worker.) If I wanted my clients to make me orgasm, I could, but it’s never appealed to me.

When I’m working, I’m mechanical. Being with strangers doesn’t give me sexual pleasure. A guy could fuck me for hours and I wouldn’t feel a thing, because my mind is elsewhere. (Checking that the condom hasn’t slipped or broken, focussing on how my body looks, making sure he’s enjoying himself, watching the clock to make sure the session is running according to my schedule, etc.) I’m disconnected from the reality of most situations when I’m working.

Keeping my feelings separated from sex work has always been a priority for me. This doesn’t necessarily mean I don’t enjoy it; it just means I don’t enjoy it sexually. x

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Reasons my life is awesome

I’m standing outside on my porch in my underwear watching the waves crash and smoking a bowl.

Reasons my life is not awesome: I’m blogging about it

Daddy Doctor

Tonight I went on a date with a doctor from SA. He was nice. He was really old, just the way I like it. Probably 60-65.The date got cut short because be was on call but I got to finish my free gourmet meal and he gave me $100 for my inconvenience. Not sure if I will see him again. It was a nice pick me up as I was feeling sort of depressed today.

Thanks Daddy Doctor! I love being hot.

POT because I’m bored

Does anyone else go on dates with POTs when they get bored? Idk, I’m not really looking for a sugar daddy anymore. I just go on dates to nice restaurants when I feel like getting dressed up.

He would think I’m so weird if he knew this was true

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He would think I’m so weird if he knew this was true

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What did it feel like the first time you had sex for money?

This penthouse is glorious
This champagne is amazing
I’m so drunk
I hope he can’t tell that I’m wasted
He is so old
Oh my god he is SO OLD
He’s old
Don’t look at his face
He looks SO OLD
He’s gonna give me so much money
I feel like a Queen
He thinks I’m heaven
I’m the best sex he’s ever had
He’s so old
Ok hurry up and cum
Let’s do it from behind
Thank god he finally came
Now I have to listen to him talk all night
He’s so boring
He’s giving me so much money
This penthouse is so glorious
I’m so lucky he didn’t hurt me
This is so much money, omg!

My rates

Highest Rate: $1000 cash, $500 dinner, $500 hotel room and endless drinks to WATCH him jack off onto my stomach
Approximately 6 hours together

Lowest Rate: $400 cash, $30 drinks for sex
Approximately 2 hours together

And obviously everywhere in between but mostly just $4000/mo plus shopping and classy dinners and rooms with my longest sugar daddy

Watch “Sex for sale: American Escort”

How to quit sex work

1. Add up all your basic living expenses like food, rent, car, loans, self care and spending money NOT nails/clothes/travel or other luxuries

2. Consider how long you can live off your savings based on your expenses

3. If you’re an SB tell your SD(s) that you’ve been ever so grateful for their support but for XYZ you are unable to continue in the relationship and you wish them well. Perhaps you can ask for one last weekend trip together to earn a bonus for your last weekend together.

4. If you’re an escort consider if you want to tell your regular clients that you’re no longer working as an escort and thank them for their time. If you don’t have regulars or care, then just take down your profile and throw away your message phone.

5. Find something to do with all your new found spare time. Real dating? The gym? Writing? Volunteering? Spending time with friends and family?

6. Make a list of all your skills and create a resume, if you are having a hard time, illicit the help of a professional resume writer. They we often available through the career center at your college or on groupon.

7. Find a traditional way to earn money and accept that you aren’t going to have the same lifestyle.

8. Set aside your favorite and most functional designer items and sell the rest. Use that money toward your savings while trying to get a traditional job

9. Browse “how to be a grown up” internet things cause it’s a shit ton of work.

10. Consider seeing a therapist. There’s nothing shameful about it, sex work to real work is a hard transition and having nonjudgmental support is key.

My life is a glitter covered lie

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When I’m feeling my outfit

me evry weekend

Me seducing myself

All of the above

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When I’m feeling my outfit

me evry weekend

Me seducing myself

All of the above

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