Sexual Deviant

Sexual Deviant

You've stumbled upon the inner workings of a sexual deviant with sociopathic tendencies. I have sex for money, power and the joy of manipulation.Take an honest look at the world through my eyes.

When you’re the mistress you’re not allowed to have a broken heart

Me, except I’m shorter

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Me, except I’m shorter

Awkward moments that make you want to curl up in a ball and hide in the corner

I saw the sexy physician, as many of you know, a man I used to sleep with from the hospital where I work.

Except it wasn’t pleasant or flirty or friendly. No secret glances exchanged, nothing. He literally looked right through me.

I was standing in the coffee line and saw him as he walked down the hall.

I looked away. I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck standing. I could feel a chill running down my spine.

I looked up and he looked away. I saw him stop walking literally inches from me and I looked at him figuring he stopped next to me on purpose. NO. He looked right passed me. literally.

He did not acknowledge my existence in the slightest form.

He said hello to the person standing behind me in line and chatted with him for a moment then kept walking.


I went back to my desk and pouted and now I’m writing this pity post.

He looked so good.

  • Bestie: my car died! my rent is due!
  • Me: you really need to start sleeping with guys in their 40s

I’m not gay but

Sometimes I fantasize about faking my own “coming out” party so my backwoods, hillbilly, bible humping family will disown me and I can move the fuck on with my life

Reblog if your vagina is perfect.

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My fave is when I asked the sexy physician to talk dirty to me and he said “you have such a cute pussy, baby” I don’t know why but it drove me wild. I still think about it.

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"I only write when I am falling in love, or falling apart."

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Abuse is ugly

It makes my heart bleed and every single bone in my body freezes and I’m scared and I can’t talk or scream or cry. All I can do is stare and silently pray to a god that I don’t believe in— begging for it to end.

I knew he was an asshole. I got that part. I didn’t know he was a demon. A monster that leaves nothing left unscathed in his path.

you hurt me, yes, but I am okay now and I’m coming back with the vengeance. YOU HURT THE PEOPLE THAT I LOVE AND I HATE YOU FOR THAT.

I hate you for ruining parts of my life, yes, but I WANT TO TEAR YOU APART for making my sweet innocent loved ones cry right before my eyes.

I’m strong now. Stronger then I have ever been. I didn’t forget. I’ll NEVER forget what you did.

You thought you were done with me but I’m just getting started.

I’m recusing the people I love and taking them away from YOU. Setting them FREE to live happy lives AWAY. FROM. YOU.

I’m spitting in your FACE and dancing on your GRAVE and empowering the people that I love to run away from YOU.

I’m not afraid anymore. I had a taste of love and I am never never never running back to a fucking demon like YOU.

I’m rescuing my weaker loved ones and YOU will die sad and alone.

"Hi! I dance in Reno and the Bay Area and was curious about Portland clubs! Are they pretty accommodating to traveling dancers? How do auditions work? I understand you are probably busy so I appreciate any advice and input you have for me! Thank you in advance!"

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Hi dear,

Some allow drop-in and are fairly easy with come and go.

I’m not positive, but I would check out Golden Dragon (juice bar, 18+, downtown, open til 6a.m, fully nude) and Spyce (alcohol, topless only, downtown, rich dickhead club) and Union Jacks (near downtown, Russian mafia owned, alcohol, fully nude) regarding same-day as audition shifts.

Other clubs will simply require a photocopy of your ID and for you to sign paperwork before you do a stage audition, which is typically one song or two.

The vast majority of clubs in PDX are fully nude, and this is required in order to work at those clubs.

But unlike other states, you do not need to purchase an entertainer’s license.

How do you get a ho-phone?

I tried to get a prepaid a few weeks back and it turned out to be quite a fucking hassle.

How/Where do you get your prepaids?

My biggest fear: I meet a POT or client that turns out to be a crazy stalker

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My biggest fear: I meet a POT or client that turns out to be a crazy stalker

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I don’t think I’m cut out to have children and I’m totally okay with it

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I’m hiding in the bathroom at a dinner party

And I’m erupting mountains of shit

Cool timing you stool softening little bitches

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