Sexual Deviant

Sexual Deviant

You've stumbled upon the inner workings of a sexual deviant with sociopathic tendencies. I'm not afraid to use my sexuality to get ahead. Want to learn how? Follow my journey.

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How to have healthy hair

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Hair is actually a protein! Did you know? Well, it’s true. That means is the health of your hair (like many things) comes from the inside out. Your diet/nutrition and overall health play a huge role in healthy hair, nails, skin and more. Consider the style and texture of your hair and treat…

"Question for you on being a sugar baby for men? Or if you'll know someone who would have some in site on the subject?"

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Actually, my roommate is 51 (though he looks and acts about 40) and “dates” tons of young men. He is a sugar daddy to lots of adorable gay boys.

He has a kick ass house and he thinks I’m pretty rad so he cuts me a deal on living there.

Anyways, I know that Gay Sugar babies exist but I personally don’t know about any straight male sugar babies. DOES have a section for male sugar babies but I’m not sure if it’s gay or straight

Good luck!

"You. Are. So. Damn. Smart!!!"

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You. Are. So. Damn. AWESOME!!!!!

"Lol you are so funny ily"

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I love youuuuuuu

"I am so connected to you that if you close this blog i don't know what I'm gonna do with my life...i don't have anyone else that can give me a smart and sincere advice like you do"

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Thank You 😘😍 I can’t believe how sweet you guys are to me! I love posting and I’m glad you enjoy reading about my silly little world view

"You seem like the type of women that always wins at life. How do you do that?"

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Thank You 😘😍 bad things happen to me just like everyone else but I choose to focus on the good

"Thank you so much for creating the other account to help us even more :) you are an incredible person"

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Thank You 😘😍

"YOU ARE THE BEST!!! i can't say nothing else...just wanted to let you know you have changed my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart"

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Thank You 😘

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How to gain a mans perspective

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1. Read publications targeted at men
Maxim, GQ, playboy, sports illustrated

2. Pay attention to media
Consider the messages targeted at men. Pay close attention to the advertisements played during sporting events or other male dominated programs

3. Consider pop culture trends

follow my “how to” blog

Do it or I'll mushroom stamp you

  • Me: do you want to get dinner?
  • Bestie: I can't
  • Me: do it or I'll mushroom stamp you
  • Bestie: you don't have a dick
  • Me: consider yourself mushroom stamped
  • Bestie: you can't just virtually mushroom stamp me
  • Me: I just did bitch

Remember when I sort of hooked up with my bosses ex?

Well I saw him today and it was completely fine and not awkward at all thank fuck!

He was super nice to me and I don’t think it will end up being a problem

Buuuuut I haven’t seen her yet so it’s only half over

Power by beauty

  • Me: well what did you think when you first met me?
  • Male colleague: God she's beautiful. She can probably walk on water.

I’m a girl AND I like porn